In Ice Age Online, you are the sloth–and you must save your friends

The Ice Age is heating up. The fourth movie in the popular Ice Age franchise, titled “Continental Drift,” hits theatres in July (just in time to offer psychological relief to overheated kids slogging through their summer vacation). 20th Century Fox isn’t waiting to build up hype for the movie, though. The studio has already teamed up with Gameloft to publish Ice Age Village, a city-building game for iOS, and now it’s working with Bigpoint to bring us Ice Age Online, a free-to-play browser-based game.

Ice Age Online

Ice Age Online utilizes the characters and environments made famous by the Ice Age movies (so expect to see a whole lot of the cold stuff). The player takes on the role of a sloth who has found an ideal place for animals from the herd to live in. Unfortunately, on the way to their new home, the herd gets separated and lost. You, as the sloth, must rescue your animal friends and build a home for them.

Collecting building materials in Ice Age Online is done through the game’s “adventure mode,” wherein you scrounge up mud, wood, flowers, and other stuff that cool houses are made of. The game has a strong social aspect as well. You can connect with friends and utilize leaderboards and activity trackers, and you can also visit your pals’ villages to leave gifts of material and food.

As you and your sloth buddy progress in the game, you can unlock bonus levels. These bonus levels let you take on the mantle of the Ice Age animal cast to compete in different events and test your strength.

Ice Age Online launches around the same time that Ice Age: Continental Drift hits theatres this summer, so stay tuned to Gamezebo for more information about sloths and the stuff they build.