Games, more than any other entertainment medium, thrive on the concept of the mascot. Mario. Sonic. Master Chief. Angry Birds. The list goes on. With Peakour, developers Gotta Pea are definitely shooting for creating the next mascot brand. It’s a tough sell attempting that with a vegetable, and they definitely missed the mark in this regard—but thankfully they succeeded in creating an above average puzzler in the process, even if it doesn’t necessarily do anything that mobile gamers haven’t seen already.

In Peakour you control a pea that performs parkour stunts. Along the way, you will collect bottle caps and try to get the green legume to a red and white shield that marks the end of the level. At the start of each level you will seek how the pea will interact with objects in the world, and are given a set number of items that you can place around the level to help him collect all the bottle caps and reach the end.

It is important to note that you do not directly control the green hero—once your pieces are in place, you simply press “play” in the top right corner and he’ll start hopping along his path. For trickier levels, it is not a half bad plan to simply start the level, see where he trips up, and then place your pieces accordingly. This leads to a feeling of trial and error gameplay, but it is somewhat unavoidable and forgivable.

The early levels serve as a good tutorial for anyone new to this type of game, though if you’ve played other games of this style, they will likely make you start itching for a challenge—which will start coming after the first 8 or so levels. After that, the levels get a bit trickier and make you work for your bottle caps. Much like others in this style of game, the developers haven’t skimped on content—there are four worlds with 25 levels a piece, plus promises of new content coming down the line.

Peakour Peakour

Perhaps one of the most noticeable elements of Peakour is its slavery to the word “pea”. Even if you’re a fan of puns like me, you will find yourself groaning regularly as the developers try to shoehorn the word “pea” into every possible word. “Peas wait”, for the loading screen—stunts are performed by “peafessionals”. Yep. Pretty corny stuff. (I’ll be here all week).

Peakour is definitely is not going to win any style points for originality. It is, however, a very functional puzzler with a good amount of content and a style of play that lends itself well to pick-up-and-play. At a budget price, if you are itching for a game that makes you flex your brain a bit, you can find much worse titles. Just temper your expectations of seeing anything original, and steel your forehead from some epic pea-related facepalms.