From one cannon to the next, Cannon Cat blasts across iOS

Can cats fly? Think carefully before answering. Cats are fey creatures, and there’s no way of knowing what exactly they’re up to when our backs are turned. At least this much is certain: cats can fly in Loqheart’s Cannon Cat for iOS, though they still require the assistance of a cannon (not to mention an adorable flight suit).

Cannon Cat takes place in a skybound world where fish have actually learned how to fly. Some of the birds, however–namely, the flightless ones, like emus and penguins–ain’t having none of that. In a fit of jealousy, the birds use robots to trap the flying fish in bubbles. It’s up to a brave kitty named Meo to don his spark suit and save the fishies.

Cannon Cat

Cannon Cat is an action/puzzle game with roots in retro classics like Mega Man and Donkey Kong Country. If you can remember firing from one barrel cannon to the next in Nintendo’s popular ape adventure, then you already have a good idea of how Cannon Cat‘s basic mechanics work. One tap sends you flying from a cannon to another, and if you botch your timing in instances where the cannons move back and forth, you might miss your ride. The result: a long, deadly fall. Luckily, there is no life total, so if at first you don’t succeed, meow, meow again.

Cannon Cat

Of course, there’s more to Meo’s high-flying adventure than simply getting your timing right. You must rescue your fishy friends, which can involve flying from your cannon and then bouncing off giant fish bellies to move between enemies and objects. You’re also able to buy power-ups via in-game microtransactions (the main game is free!), so if you’re in a rush to save the fishes (craving some fish n chips, maybe?), help is never far away.

Cannon Cat hits the App Store in April 2012, so keep an eye on Gamezebo for more information about Meo and his fabulous flight suit.