Air Mail for iOS and Android brings barrel rolls and loop-de-loops to the act of mail delivery

Neither rain, sleet, nor snow can stop the mail from going through–and, as it turns out, neither can vicious sky pirates. Air Mail, an iOS/Android flight game by N-Fusion Interactive, lets you pilot a mail-carrying seaplane along routes that are very pretty to look at, but hazardous to navigate thanks to the lawless invaders that prowl amongst the clouds.

Air Mail casts you as a plane-loving boy or girl who is the youngest letter carrier among a fleet of flying post-people: the Domeekan Island Fliers. Maybe the inhabitants of the Domeekan Islands don’t like email, or maybe they just make a lot of orders from Amazon. Either way, they need their mail, and you’re the boy/girl for the job.

Unfortunately, your cool job hits a snag when the Deomeekans are visited by the Verikai Sky Fleet. The fleet imposes a blockade, and you must venture forth to somehow bring peace to your homeland. You’ll meet new people, visit new places, and fly, fly, fly.

Air Mail

Air Mail

According to N-Fusion, Air Mail has a 25-mission campaign that’s interlaced with cinematic storytelling. The game’s visuals are certainly compelling: you dart in and around ruins, gigantic statues, and skim the waves in your little seaplane. You’re also able to give your plane a custom paint job, but since this is a game for all ages, we presume you won’t be allowed to do the whole naked woman decal thing that was popular back during World War II.

Air Mail doesn’t have a release date yet, but keep checking back with Gamezebo for what you need to know about sky-high survival (hint: the “crash position” does nothing).