Get ready to slay some more orcs!

There’s something to be said when a developer gives you a clear-cut directive in their game. Robot Entertainment’s excellent take on tower defense implored you to kill as many orcs as possible in Orcs Must Die!, but by their count, only 3.4 billion orcs have met their end. That is clearly not enough. So they saw fit to make a sequel, Orcs Must Die! 2, which was announced earlier today.

The first game was a very solid take on tower defense, where you controlled a warrior running around the levels setting traps and using your weapons against the invading orcs. The new sequel keeps that gameplay intact and adds a co-op component to the story. An all-new campaign picks up days after the end of the first game, and can be played to its completion either alone or with a friend.

New enemies, new defenses, a new spellbook, and a new upgrade system round out the list of improvements to this much-anticipated sequel. Orcs Must Die! 2 is slated for release this summer on PC’s via Steam and other digital distribution outlets. The original game would be a great way to warm up for the sequel as it keeps a pretty stable popularity and has tons of DLC available. It’s never too late to add some orcs to that 3.4 billion death toll.