Peakour brings a-pea-ling parkour action to the iOS

Gotta Pea LLC, arguably the most intriguingly-named game studio that’s currently operating, announced its first iOS project today. The game, titled Peakour, is a physics-based puzzler that challenges you to work through 100 levels by re-arranging piles of junk. Yeah, when you dump trash out your car window, it doesn’t just disappear. Little pea-sized kids turn all that garbage into their very own parkour paradise. And no, that’s not an invitation to keep dumping.

Peakour stars a green kid named PeaG (are you sensing a pattern yet?) who needs your help to maneuver through his garbage-filled world. You simply drag the pieces of trash around the screen and arrange it in a manner that lets PeaG successfully run, leap, flip, and vault his way from Point A to Point B. Chart PeaG’s path carefully, though, because there are hazards galore: radioactive goop (home to the Zompeas), flames, falling icicles, and more.

Peakour Peakour

But you and PeaG don’t have to brave these hazards all by yourselves. If you can help PeaG collect 250 bottlecaps, you’ll earn the right to create your own Peakour levels, share them with your friends, and access the levels that they create! You can also compare scores on the V.I.Pea leaderboards (groan).

Peakour will hit the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad on April 5. Stay tuned to Gamezebo for upcoming information about PeaG and other sentient vegetables.