Engage in a cross-platform war against robots with Operation CrossCounter

Ain’t no adventure like a cross-platform action RPG adventure, ’cause a cross-platform action RPG adventure never stops. Sollmo, the studio behind the critically-acclaimed action RPG Buddy Rush, is revisiting cross-platform mechanics with Operation CrossCounter.

In Operation CrossCounter, you must save the universe from an invasion of machines called the Guroken. That’s a pretty big job, so you’ll want a little help from your friends. Up to three of your buds can make their own anime-style avatars and join the fight in real-time across several platforms, including iOS, Android, and over the web. If you don’t have any friends, though, fear not: AI-controlled characters will be on hand to fill in that lonely, lonely gap.

Operation CrossCounter takes place in a 3D sci-fi universe. Your success and your failure at in-game missions contribute to the “War Simulation System,” which adjusts the game world and its missions accordingly for other players (if you mess up too often, will you send everybody back to war kindgergarten?).

Operation CrossCounter

Operation CrossCounter

Operation CrossCounter

There are hundreds of missions spread across three unique worlds. According to Sollmo, every mission, which range from ambush to stealth, boasts different maps, different enemies, and different objectives.

The game also features dynamic weapons, because the robots aren’t going to sit down and talk nicely about sparing the human race (“Please?”). Weapons react according to how you touch or tap the screen, so give those metal jerks what-for.

Operation CrossCounter hits iOS on April 26, 2012. The Android and web versions of the game will follow at a later date. Stay tuned to Gamezebo for more information on this robot-wrecking adventure.