Bigpoint is adding new rabbits, birds, and cats to its massively popular Farmerama browser game, but they’re not anything like the normal animals you’d expect to see on the farm. A new partnership between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Bigpoint will be bringing the Looney Tunes gang to Farmerama from late March to the end of June.

Players will be given the option to enlist their favorite Looney Tunes characters, including Bugs Bunny, Tweety, and Sylvester the cat and receive daily gifts from them. A special celebration with the Looney Tunes cast will also be available this coming Easter.

Farmerama is a one-of-a-kind game that can look back on an impressive string of successes,” says Bruno Schwobthaler, Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development of Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “For this reason, Farmerama is the perfect online game for our Looney Tunes, which will bring a combination of charm and energy to the game and will cause quite the stir on the farm. We are excited about the partnership with Bigpoint and fans can look forward to many a special game highlights.”


While Looney Tunes will certainly add an unexpected layer of personality to Farmerama, this isn’t the first time advertisers have looked to leaving an impression on the virtual farms. Zynga’s in-browser Farmville has found itself advertised by many unexpected partners, from Megamind to Lady Gaga. Compared to those crazy partnerships, the Looney Tunes gang will likely blend in much more naturally.

Bigpoint’s Farmerama currently serves more than 38 million players around the world. The Looney Tunes characters, in addition to their status as cartoon icons, have seen a recent revival in the new Cartoon Network series The Looney Tunes Show. While both the Spring and Easter events have been officially announced, Bigpoint has hinted at the Looney Tunes collaboration continuing with new events through Summer 2012.