According to a press release that was distributed today, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has teamed up with Zynga to bring Martha Stewart to the hit social game Castleville. It’s a good thing–but it’s also a strange thing.

Starting March 28 and continuing through mid-April, Castleville players will be able to interact with Martha and earn unique rewards. If you’re a fan of Zynga’s medieval social world, you should get an invitation to visit Martha’s kingdom, which is designed after her Bedford home. If you see even one flower out of place in her domain, start a riot.

By the way, Martha’s castle is the biggest building in the game so far, according to Zynga and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Were you expecting any less?

You’ll also get a chance to meet new animals on Martha’s property, including the Black Sheep, the Friesian Horse, and Araucana Chickens. The decision to introduce the Black Sheep on Martha Stewart’s grounds is an intriguing one.

Even more intriguing is Martha Stewart’s declaration about being in Castleville. “I love playing games, but I love being in a game even more,” she said. “Turning my personal domain into an imaginary and fanciful kingdom is not only fun for me and the players of CastleVille, but a clever way to share my particular style of living with an interactive and creative audience.”

So Martha Stewart likes to play games? Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but it’s satisfying to imagine her as a hardcore FPS-lover, separating heads from shoulders by route of an uzi.

But when you think of this new Zynga promotion half-seriously, you have to wonder why Castleville was chosen as Martha’s new home. Seems she’d be more suited for the down-to-earth living in FarmVille. Then again, the cold, dank stone structures that defined the medieval era always seemed like they were in dire need of some color and light.