Live the high life as a celebrity, musician, or socialite with CelebrityMe for Facebook

Have you ever wanted to live out the most glamorous parts of the celebrity lifestyle (hint: the parts that come before the endless ream of cruddy roles, the binge drinking, and the wrecked hotel rooms)? Seismic Games has your dreams covered with CelebrityMe, a character-driven social game that lets you build a celebrity, assemble a movie or him or her to star in, and then invites you to interact with the fans and the paparazzi (no fists, please).

CelebrityMe, which is playable on Facebook, begins by asking you to make a male or female celebrity. You then accessorize him or her with shoes and clothes, and you’re off to the premiere of your first big movie. You put together said movie by shuffling cards to generate a random plot. In other words, it’s an authentic Hollywood writing experience (Bam!).

CelebrityMe then takes several steps back from your big premiere, and tasks you with playing through a “flashback” of your earliest years in acting. You learn the ropes of the industry on Venice Beach, which includes keeping up to date with the hottest fashion trends, rubbing elbows with big names at big parties, and avoiding scandals.

If you’re not into acting, CelebrityMe lets you choose alternate Hollywood-based career paths, including a music star, a socialite–or all three as the “Triple Threat.”



Making movies, TV shows, and music videos is also a big part of the game, and you can cast your friends to star in your own little piece of video heaven. You can then share the results, for better or worse, over Facebook.

CelebrityMe is now available to play on Facebook, so comb your hair, shine your shoes, and pose for the fans.