It’s been a long wait for Android users, but after months of wading through phony apps claiming to be Temple Run, the real deal has finally arrived. As of this morning, Imangi Studios’ Indiana Jones-meets-Canabalt endless runner is available as a free download on Google Play.

Haven’t heard of Temple Run? While I’m sorry to hear you’re living under a rock nowadays, here are the basics, straight from Gamezebo’s 5-star review;

“Like many of the best mobile games,Temple Runis a stunningly simple concept. You control what appears to be a ginger Nathan Drake (of theUnchartedseries fame) through a labyrinth of ruins. The character’s movements are automated, aside from your ability to quickly swipe him up, down, right or left to manage tight corners or obstacles; as well as the ability to use the iPhone’s accelerometer to move him left or right to navigate the small corridors to pick up coins as you run. The controls are extremely responsive, and you never get a sense that you failed because the game didn’t register your movements correctly or there was a disconnect between your input and the game responding to it.”

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If you need more help than that to figure things out, be sure to check out our quick start guide, user tips, or simply ask for help in our forums. But whatever you do, don’t forget to go out and download this terrific game! Click here to grab it from Google Play now.