Rinth Island brings a cylindrical spin to puzzle platforming later this week

When people think of puzzle platformers, they tend to think of two dimensional releases with two dimensional solutions. But what if you took that 2D puzzle solving and set it in a unique 3D environment? That’s the case with Rinth Island, an upcoming puzzler from Chillingo and Buzz Monkey Software.

The basic gameplay elements will no doubt feel familiar to anyone who’s ever played a puzzle platformer before. Pushing boxes, creating pathways – it’s the sort of classic gameplay that never gets old. But rather than doing so in a flat 2D environment, Rinth World players will be pushing boxes and creating pathways as they circumnavigate a cylindrical construct. What’s neat about this is that you’ll never be able to see the complete environment all at once, creating all sorts of unique possibilities for brain-scratching puzzles.

Chillingo are promising 60 levels at launch with four different modes for each, so there’s plenty of bang for your buck here. And if that’s somehow not enough, there will also be a level editor that lets you create and share stages with players all over the world.

Rinth Island

Pack your bags, folks – the next boat to Rinth Island leaves the docks soon. Expect this one to hit the App Store as a universal release this Thursday, March 29th.