I think that I shall never see, a game in which I grow a tree

You’ve built impossibly high towers that strain all laws of architecture and touch the very face of God. You’ve managed cities that sprawl for miles and operate so efficiently that you’re probably qualified to be mayor of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago at the same time. But have you ever cultivated a tree so huge and magical that unicorns live among its branches? Didn’t think so, hot shot. But soon you’ll get your chance with Tree World.

Tree World Tree World

The game comes from The Playforge, who you may remember from such popular iOS games as Zombie Farm and Zombie Life. Their latest game has considerably fewer undead monstrosities in it, and a great deal more cuddly critters. Even so, it’s shaping up to be a rather clever and addictive opportunity to while away the hours and interact with friends.

The objectives in Tree World are pretty straightforward; grow your sapling to a tremendous size, invite critters to come and live in your tree, collect the food they produce to grow your tree even taller, rinse and repeat. The various branch-dwelling denizens take various amounts of time to produce more food, and in a twist you already knew was coming, players can opt to buy more tree chow from the store with real cash if they just can’t wait any longer.

Tree World Tree World

The social element comes in being able to trade creatures with your friends, allowing you access to a larger variety of fantastical creatures earlier than if you went at it solo. One such mythical beast, we’ve been told, is the Cobrahawk. And while I have no idea what that is, I can guarantee you I won’t be trading mine for all the messianic lions in Narnia. If a Cobrahawk looks anything like I imagine it would, then it’s easily the single most awesome thing in the whole universe.

Look, I’ll be totally honest and admit I didn’t know if the world needed another simulation game that relied on sitting around for hours waiting to tap virtual resources, but then I heard about the Cobrahawk, and my life changed forever. Now the game can’t come soon enough. Thankfully I won’t have to wait long as Tree World will be debuting on the App Store for free on March 28.