Game Introduction – Yesterday

Welcome to the Yesterday walkthrough on Gamezebo. Yesterday is a point-and-click adventure game played on PC, Mac and iPad, created by Pendulo Studios. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide on how to complete Yesterday.

General Information

  • To start the game, select one of the four profiles/save slots on the main menu and hit the play button

  • This game does not feature a tutorial, but basic gameplay help can be found by clicking on the “Yesterday, more info” link in the bottom right of the screen


  • Your game is saved automatically when you quit the game (icon A, see image). When restarting a game you will be instantly taken back to where you left off. However, you can go back to replay previous scenes by clicking on the star icon (D) in the bottom left of your screen. The game will still remember your most advanced progress, so you can choose to continue playing from the scene you selected, or you can use the star icon again to return to your most advanced location

  • When scanning the scene, your cursor looks like a crosshair. It changes to a red arrow in places where you can move to another scene, and into a magnifying glass at interactive places. If you click the crosshairs icon in the bottom left of the screen (F), all interactive spots in the scene will be briefly marked with a white circle

  • When you click on an interactive place on the screen you will zoom in on the area of interest. Each zoom has a magnifying glass icon and either a hand icon or a gears icon in the bottom right corner. The magnifying glass will give you additional information on the area. If there is anything in the scene you can take for your inventory, clicking on the hand icon will take whatever item is in there. If there is nothing to take, you will get a message. The gears icon sometimes allows you to immediately interact with the scene. At other times it will tell you what action you need to take

  • Your inventory is at the bottom of your screen. If you don’t like having the inventory bar blocking your screen you can minimize it by clicking icon B in the bottom left of the screen. Moving your cursor to the bottom of the screen will then temporarily pull up the inventory bar

  • There are two ways you can interact with inventory items. If you simply click on an item in the inventory bar you will be shown a picture of the item with a brief description. Sometimes you need to inspect an item like this to open it and find its contents. If you want to use an item in the scene, you need to drag it out of the inventory bar by clicking on it and then giving it a quick pull

  • To use an inventory item, simply drag the item from your inventory and then move it to the place you want to use it. The item will light up when it is over an interactive area. Inventory items are always used in the main scene and never in a zoom

  • If you are stuck you can click the light bulb icon (E) for a hint. Sometimes clicking the icon again will give you a more specific hint. You can keep clicking the icon to remind yourself of the hint until you have completed the action the hint refers to. After this you will need to do ten actions to recharge the hint button. These actions can be anything you like. So for example you can leave and re-enter a room ten times to quickly recharge the hint button

  • The speaker icon (C) allows you to change the volume of the music and background noises

  • Throughout the game, always go through all the dialog options as some options trigger new dialog or actions. If you need to select a specific option to continue, the game will allow you to keep trying until you have selected the right one. You can select some options multiple times to keep getting new information. When a dialog option has been exhausted, a tick will appear in the box beside it.

The Subway Station



  • Explore the first area, but there is nothing you can do here right now

  • Go right into the abandoned train carriage


  • Explore the carriage and pick up the ELECTRICAL CABLE, the CAN and the IRON BAR

  • Go back to the previous screen


  • Use the ELECTRICAL CABLE on the rubble on the stairs

  • Use the IRON BAR on the cable when it’s stretched between the pillars

  • Click on it to pull out the SUITCASE, which goes into your inventory

  • Click on the suitcase in the inventory to open it


  • Go back into the train carriage and exit through the right door


  • Inspect the box of toys and take out the KEYBOARD

  • Zoom in on the box again and take the TOY PHONE

  • Inspect the pile of rubbish in the back and take BATTERY-OPERATED FIGURE

  • Exit left at the top of the stairs


  • In your inventory, use the BOX CUTTER on the CAN to get a STRIP OF ALUMINUM

  • Use the STRIP OF ALUMINUM on the padlock to open it

  • Watch the video

  • Go through the dialog until you reach the chess puzzles


  • The solution to puzzle 1 is bishop to E7


  • The solution to puzzle 2 is pawn to G3


  • The solution to puzzle 3 is bishop to E7


  • When you’re back in the carriage, use your BOX CUTTER on the TOY PHONE to get the RECEIVER FOR THE TOY PHONE

  • Give the RECEIVER FOR THE TOY PHONE to Boris

  • You get a real RECEIVER

  • While you’re there you can have a chat with Boris for some background information if you like

  • Exit to the right platform


  • Use the SUBWAY TOKEN Choke gave you on the vending machine

  • You get a COIN

  • If you interact with the vending machine again you will get the token back, but you won’t need it anymore

  • Use the RECEIVER on the payphone and they will be connected with the ELECTRICAL TAPE


  • Use the BATTERIES on the KEYBOARD

  • Use the KEYBOARD (with batteries) on the payphone and also using the COIN you will be able to call Cooper



  • Click on the tunnel entrance for a little scene. You need a torch

  • Inspect the trash can and take the RAG

  • Zoom in on the hole in the fence and take a piece of WIRE

  • Inspect the front of the van and take the KEY TO THE BACK OF THE VAN and a BOX OF MATCHES from the glove compartment

  • Use the KEY TO THE BACK OF THE VAN on, well, the back of the van

  • Inspect the back of the van again and take the BASEBALL BAT and the GASOLINE


  • In your inventory, combine the RAG with the BASEBALL BAT and they will be fixed together with the WIRE

  • Next, combine the bat with the GASOLINE and light it using your MATCHES


  • Back on the platform, take the IRON BAR and CABLE that Henry left behind

  • Use the IRON BAR on the door to the train carriage

  • Enter the carriage


  • Take the BULLETS from the mannequin’s pocket

  • If you inspect the mannequin again you can take the phone receiver again, but you won’t need it

  • Exit to the right


  • Interact with the broken BASKETBALL HOOP. Unfortunately, it can’t hold Cooper’s weight and it comes off

  • Inspect the rubble in the back and have Cooper move it

  • Use the IRON BAR on the door you’ve revealed to open the padlock

  • Go through the door


  • Attach the CABLE to the BASKETBALL HOOP and use it on the heavy crossbeam. Nice work, Coop!

  • In the locker on the other side of the gap is a uniform, inspect it to find a REVOLVER

  • Take the DOOR off the locker


  • Use the DOOR on the metal crossbar and click on the exit

  • Time to recue Henry! Go to the left at the top of the stairs and watch the scene


  • Put the BULLETS in the REVOLVER and shoot Choke


Hotel Doré

  • Keep going through all the dialog until you run out of options

  • In the second set of dialog, keep selecting “your investigations” until it disappears as an option


  • On the left side of the desk you find a LETTER OPENER

  • On the right side of the desk you can find a NOTEBOOK and a FOUNTAIN PEN

  • Inspect the painting to the left of the bathroom door. There is a safe behind it. This finding triggers a memory

  • Use the FOUNTAIN PEN on back of the painting covering the safe. This seems like a pointless exercise, but it gives you a CARD WITH CUT-OUTS

  • Go left onto the balcony


  • Inspect the table to find a welcome card, which you won’t need for anything

  • Use the LETTER OPENER on the carved stone horse head to sharpen it

  • Use the CARD WITH CUT-OUTS on the Eiffel tower in the background to find the word Revolution

  • Go inside on the right side of the screen and go into the bathroom


  • Take the TOWEL

  • Open the air vent with your sharpened LETTER OPENER and put the TOWEL in it to block the fan

  • Click on the left tap handle and turn on the hot water

  • The word Alchemy appears on the mirror

  • You can take some soap, hand cream and rosemary oil if you like, but you won’t need it

  • Exit the bathroom by clicking on the door in the mirror


  • Click on the phone beside the bed and call creepy Albert at the front desk

  • Talk to him about Alchemy and Revolution and he will bring you an ENVELOPE

  • Look at the ENVELOPE in your inventory and find that there are SWIM GOGGLES and a note saying THE EVERGREEN, 1852 inside

  • Call Henry White and talk to him about The Evergreen chess match

  • You can also call John’s mother for more back story. Talking to one character may trigger new options for other characters, so try everyone a few times to get all information

  • Go back out to the balcony


  • Switch on the Jacuzzi

  • Use the SWIM GOGGLES on the Jacuzzi when it’s running

  • After you’ve had a look under the bubbles, use the LETTER OPENER on the Jacuzzi to dislodge a tile

  • Click on the PACKAGE you find to find a KEY

  • Go back inside and use the KEY on the safe behind the painting

Le Tout Petit Antiques

  • Talk to Pauline and go through all the options

  • She gives you a KEY


  • There are a lot of places you can search in this scene, but not all of it is useful

  • Inspect the display case behind you and pick up some small SCISSORS

  • A table on the left contains a JEWELER’S LOUPE

  • In the top right is a tapestry with important alchemical information. Look at it and memorize the four elements and their positions

  • Use the KEY to open the door to the back room and go into the room


  • Use the JEWELER’S LOUPE to inspect the model of the Notre Dame to the right of the door

  • Above the desk is a TABLE OF ALCHEMY ELEMENTS

  • On a small table to the left is a wooden BOX OF ALCHEMY PIECES

  • There is a small wooden CROSS hanging on the back wall

  • Use the BOX OF ALCHEMY PIECES on the large wooden cross in the center of the room


  • In the next screen, put the TABLE OF ALCHEMY ELEMENTS on the box of pieces. If you don’t yet have it in your inventory, you can leave this screen and go back to it by clicking on the cross again

  • Remember the tapestry in the main area of the shop. It showed salis, or salt, at the top, mercurii/mercury on the right, ignis/fire at the bottom and sulfur on the left. Find the pieces for salt, mercury, fire and sulfur using the table and place each of them in their correct places

  • Now put the CROSS in the middle of the larger cross. You find PETIT’S DIARY


  • Use the SCISSORS on the PETIT’S DIARY to get a RUBBER BAND

  • There is a hatch behind the desk that contains an ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT

  • If you use the ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT on the RUBBER BAND you will see it has letters on it, but they’re all scrambled

  • On the small table at the front you find an interesting looking HEXAGONAL BAR

  • Wrap the RUBBER BAND around the HEXAGONAL BAR and then use the ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT on it again

  • You get the message: St Fergus Church, Inverloch Woods, Scotland


  • After the scene, check the hatch above the desk again and take the BUNCH OF KEYS

  • Use the BUNCH OF KEYS on the door upstairs

  • Go through the opened door The shelving unit contains an OIL LAMP

  • Use the OIL LAMP on it to oil the hinges

  • Go through the door again


  • Inspect the Chinese soldier on the left and take his sword

Memories and Flashbacks

The Monastery – Swordsmanship


  • Talk to the Master and make sure you talk to him about the Katana

  • If you invite him to play, you will each need to guess how many fingers the other holds up behind his back and then give the total. It is unlikely you will win this by just guessing

  • Inspect the dragon head on the right and take the KATANA

  • Use the KATANA on the window on the left to open it


  • Invite the Master to play again. This time you will be able to see the shadow of one of his hands on the wall. Add the number of fingers you can see on the shadow to your own entry and give the total. So in the image above John is holding up one and so is the Master, so the answer is two

  • As a reward take the SMALL VICES. You can select the other options if you like, but you won’t need them and you will need to replay

  • Leave the room on the right. You won’t need to put the Katana back, it will just be crossed out in your inventory


  • Use your RAZOR on the door you just came through to get the MONSTER FACES and some SCREWS, which will be added to the small vices

  • Go through the gap on the right to the bridge


  • Inspect the sled by the door and take the ROPE

  • At the front of the bridge you can find some PLANKS

  • Combine the MONSTER FACES with the PLANKS and you will automatically use the SCREWS to make one long PLANK

  • Go back inside and now exit right to the bell


  • Zoom in on the bags on the left and take one BAG. The bag on the far right contains corn, which you won’t need until a later chapter

  • Use the PLANK on the large log

  • Then put the BAG on the plank. More bags will automatically be added

  • Now tie the ROPE to the log

  • Zoom in on the log and ring the bell

Getting into the Warehouse

  • After the scene, try to jump to the next building

  • Oops

  • Talk to Boris about everything


  • Take the TIRES by the middle lamp post on the left

  • Go right to the trains


  • Use one of the TOKENS in your inventory on the CLAMP that holds the fence together

  • Inspect the railway track on the left and take the WOODEN BEAM

  • Open the carriage door


  • Take the PACKING TAPE from the carriage floor

  • Inspect the boxes on the left for a CAMERA

  • Go back to the previous scene and go left to the chimney


  • Inspect the pile of junk on the right and find a CIRCULAR SAW BLADE

  • Inspect the tarp on the left and take the CANVAS

  • You uncover a tripod

  • Zoom in on the tripod and take off the SURVEYOR’S CAMERA – you won’t need it but you need to be able to mount your CAMERA onto the tripod

  • Interact with the camera again to record a video message to yourself


  • In your inventory, combine the CAMERA with the TIRES, wrap the whole lot in the CANVAS and then make a nice bundle of it with your PACKING TAPE

  • Also combine the CIRCULAR SAW BLADE with the WOODEN BEAM and fix the two together with the CLAMP

  • Use the WOODEN BEAM WITH CIRCULAR SAW BLADE on the logo in the chimney wall

  • Zoom in on the logo and use it to climb the tower


  • This time at the top of the tower there is a can of PAINT next to you. Pick it up

  • Use the PAINT on the bundle with your MESSAGE TO YOUR FUTURE SELF to mark it

  • Throw the MESSAGE TO YOUR FUTURE SELF onto the roof

  • Jump after it

Inside the Warehouse


  • Inspect the trash can and find an RCA CABLE

  • Use the CANVAS on the box with the emergency axe to break the glass

  • Take the AXE from the box

  • Go to the control area in the back


  • Use the AXE on the locker behind the control panel

  • You get a PLAN

  • Walk behind the control panel


  • Connect the RCA CABLE to the Video Out port and attach your CAMERA to it

  • Hit the large red button until find an image of Boris and Cooper (cam 6)

  • Take the PLAN from your inventory and use it on one of the switches. You will be shown which switch controls which room

  • Switch F controls the generator room where Cooper and Boris are, so flick this switch

  • After the scene, exit the control panel and use the CANVAS on the oven door. You can do a lot more like locking and unlocking the oven door and toggling the flames, but none of this is necessary

St. Fergus Church, Scotland

The Ruins

  • There are a few things you can inspect on the first screen, but nothing you can actually do, so exit right to the main map
  • Go towards the car


  • Talk to Pauline if you like
  • Take the SHOVEL, the COOKING POT and the little jars containing VINEGAR, SALT, ALCOHOL, MERCURY, and SULFUR
  • Go back to the main church map


  • Use the COOKING POT on the lake to fill it with water
  • While you’re here, also pick up the SCRUB BRUSH that’s leaning against a gravestone on the left
  • Go back to Pauline by the car


  • Put the COOKING POT with water on the little camping stove
  • Light the stove with your LIGHTER
  • When the water is hot, take the pot off the stove
  • Go back to the main map and go to the sunken cross in the middle of the map


  • Add VINEGAR to the water in the pot
  • Combine the SCRUB BRUSH with the COOKING POT containing the hot water mixed with vinegar
  • Use the wet SCRUB BRUSH on the cross to clean it


  • Use the SHOVEL to dig in front of the cross
  • You find a COIN
  • Remember the tapestry and cross in the antiques shop? They had salt at the top, mercury on the right, sulfur on the left and fire at the bottom
  • Use your SALT on the top hole of the cross
  • Unplug the right hole of the cross with your KNIFE and then use your MERCURY on it
  • Use the ALCOHOL on the bottom hole of the cross and light it with your LIGHTER

The Truth Flower


  • If you didn’t do so in the previous chapter, inspect the water container and take the LADLE
  • Use the LADLE to take some HONEY from the bowl on the left
  • Take a block of YAK BUTTER from the bowl in the middle
  • Go out to the patio and right to the bell


  • If you didn’t already do so in the previous chapter, inspect the bag by the wall and take some CORN
  • Go back to the patio
  • Use the LADLE WITH HONEY on the holes in the wall
  • After the honey, use the CORN on the holes in the wall and watch the bird take it
  • Go back to the bell to get some more CORN
  • Put this CORN on the wall, too
  • The bird will leave behind some TRUTH FLOWER SEEDS
  • Go out to the bridge


  • Use the YAK BUTTER on the crane by the bridge
  • Zoom in on the crane again and turn the crank
  • Use the KATANA to take the BUCKET
  • Use the BUCKET on the dragon head on the side of the bridge to collect some icicles
  • Go back into the patio area and put the BUCKET WITH ICICLE on the incense burner
  • Go back to the bridge


  • Use the KATANA on the dead bush
  • Put the TRUTH FLOWER SEEDS in the hole
  • Use the BUCKET WITH WATER on the hole with the truth flower seeds

The Temple

  • Talk to Mrs. Yesterday, Cooper and Henry
  • Choose your ending!