The creators of FlipShip want to run you through a maze this April with Little Labyrinths

Have you ever had one of those little games that you’re absolutely in love with and can’t wait to turn other gamers on to? Last fall a lot of us at Gamezebo had that very experience with the color-and-tilt game FlipShip. ByteSize Games, the team behind that little gem, have just let us know that they have their second title in the works, and from the looks of things it’s going to be a-“maze”-ing.

Little Labyrinths will challenge players to complete a series of old school, pen-and-paper style mazes in as quick a time as possible. The mechanics are fairly straight-forward – you’ll draw a line with your finger to a specific target, hopefully grabbing helpful items (like timer increases) along the way, and with each maze being procedurally generated no two experiences should ever be alike.

Little Labyrinths Little Labyrinths

As player complete mazes, they’ll earn coins that can be spent to unlock new environments, objectives, and avatars – and these items can all be mixed and matched to create some wild combinations. While you might initially start the game as a mouse named Cheddar in search of cheese, a few coin purchases later that very same mouse could be in search of a hot chocolate in a volcanic environment, or you could have a Yeti chasing down a bomb power-up from FlipShip in Cheddar’s hole in the wall. Anything’s possible!

And while players will be able to purchase more coins as an in-app purchase, ByteSize are assuring us that they’re keeping things totally fair. Nobody will ever be able to buy their way to success, and everything will be available using the single “coins” currency that players can earn at a reasonable rate through the normal course of play.

In addition to the main mode described above, ByteSize Games are planning to have four modes at launch and more planned in monthly updates. Of the four, the only other one they were ready to spill the beans on was Zen Mode, which will let players complete mazes at their own pace. It sounds like the perfect training ground for those whose fingers (and eyes) might not be fast enough to find a solution in only 5 or 10 seconds in the main Classic Mode.

ByteSize Games’ co-founder Richard Hoeg told us that their entire focus is on quick “bite-size” experiences that all audiences can enjoy, and by revisiting a concept that everyone knows and loves, but infusing it with quick rapid-fire bursts of gameplay, it seems like they’re right on the mark. So long as things don’t get slowed down in Apple’s approval process, you can expect to see Little Labyrinths on the App Store on April 18th.