Tactical miniatures game Confrontation getting a digital adaptation April 5th

Over the last couple of years I’ve fallen deep into the world of tabletop gaming. After first discovering that there was a world beyond Monopoly and Connect Four, I quickly fell down a slippery slope while trying to grab onto everything I could. Ticket To Ride! Carcassonne! Catan! If you haven’t made the leap yet, DO IT. But the one sub-genre of tabletop gaming that has yet gotten its claws in me is collectible miniature games. That’s where Confrontation comes in.

There’s a mad scramble to scoop up different board game properties and port them to the digital world, and such is the case with Cyanide Studios’ upcoming PC game Confrontation. The team has had some earlier success in this field, adapting the popular “fantasy” football game Blood Bowl for the digital frontier – but is it a success they can repeat?

Confrontation, in its video game form as a tactical RPG, takes place in its original universe of Aarklash. You take the lead of a group of elite Griffin warriors with the task of bringing an end to the Scorpion threat. There’s a bunch of other fantasy story elements with difficult names to type, but you’ll see that when you check out the game for yourself.



You’ll piece together your squad and shape their tactics by managing units, their skills and powers as well as manipulating the environment on your march towards victory. Confrontation will also have a multiplayer element, where you’ll choose the faction you’ll side with and go head to head with other players’ squads. Level up, unlock new units and generally lay claim to awesome stuff.

Confrontation‘s release date was recently announced, so look for it on PC April 5th.