Chances are, if you’re not currently in junior high or high school then you likely don’t know about Habbo. Ask a teenage relative about it though, and you might just discover that it’s one of the fastest-growing social networking platforms out there for young people. Now the platform is going to get even more exciting as we’ve learned that Habbo will begin welcoming social games to the service.

“We’re actually working with developers today,” said Paul LaFontaine of Habbo. “We’re open for business when it comes to co-developing new entertainment products for the large teen market that we’re able to access.”

Though Habbo may seem to be on the smallish side, it boasts over 249 million registered users in 150 countries. The site also attracts 10 million monthly unique visitors, and actually comes in right behind Zynga as the tenth most valuable social brand.

While the knee jerk reaction is to roll one’s eyes at yet another company thinking they can take on Facebook, Habbo actually is in a decent position based on their audience. While Facebook’s core users tend to be older women, Habbo is aimed squarely at teens, and thus can offer games that will be more appealing to that demographic. Furthermore, smaller developers looking to get some attention may find Habbo to be a nice alternative since there will be less competition on the service and therefore potentially more users for their games. Or, the kids may all decide the site isn’t cool anymore and suddenly migrate somewhere else. That’s the problem with teenagers, they’re inscrutable.