Pocket Heroes to bring asynchronous play to the world of RPG’s this spring

With their generally simplistic set up, graphics, and controls, old school RPGs are a pretty natural fit for mobile devices. A major caveat of those traditional RPGs is building a party to gallivant around the world with, getting into random encounters and raiding many dungeons. Though you usually make the decisions for each of the members concerning which spells to cast or enemy to attack, you could always use some help.

Having a party entirely comprised of your friends is nothing new to most PC MMO players, but it’s still a pretty foreign concept on mobile devices. Developer F5 Games is building the upcoming iOS game Pocket Heroes with a pretty nifty idea for this.

Asynchronous mutliplayer is proving itself as the de-facto way to go for mobile gaming. Don’t know what I’m talking about? You’ve played Words With Friends or Draw Something, right? That’s asynchronous multiplayer. In Pocket Heroes you’ll join up with three other friends and you’ll each take your turns asynchronously during this turn-based RPG. In hindsight, this seems like an obvious idea that was just waiting for someone to come along and realize it.

Pocket Heroes Pocket Heroes

Pocket Heroes features 6 different character classes and over 20 different enemies for you and your friends to battle. The game goes for that “retro” 16 bit style that’s been all the rage for a while now, to fit in with the traditional RPG design. No specific date has been set yet, but look for Pocket Heroes to launch sometime this spring.