Run Gizzard, RUN!!

The beastie baddies from Age of Monsters: Rock Paper Scissors are back for more in Escape from Age of Monsters, a pseudo-sequel “endless runner” in which you, as the not-so-intrepid Gizzard, must don a pair of magical gloves and flee from hordes of monsters with a clutch of innocent orphans in tow.

Escape from Age of Monsters is set in the same world as its Rock Paper Scissors predecessor, but it takes gameplay in an entirely new direction. This time escape is the only option, aided by a pair of magical gloves that lets Gizzard punch through the walls of the buildings he runs through or collect powerups and other bonus items by clapping as he goes. Well-timed punches allow Gizzard to race ahead unimpeded, but a mistimed punch means a stumble, and that’s bad news for the orphans trailing behind him.

In a darkly comic twist (although how comical it is may be a matter of perspective), the orphans in Gizzard’s care represent his lives, and each one caught and eaten brings the monsters one step closer to doing the same to him. Saving orphans is a fine thing to do in its own right, but this is about simple survival: as long as the kids stay alive, so does Gizzard.

Gizzard will jump from one building to the next as he flees, with each new building bringing faster and more intense action than the one before it. He’ll also have to deal with “gargantuan, fiery slug monsters,” beating them senseless and then “exploding out past their squishy insides.” Can’t wait to see that in action.

Escape from Age of Monsters will offer Game Center support for competition against friends and collectible items for your “Stash House.” Art will once again be provided by Emmy award-winning Jeff Matsuda, who I’ve heard of, while the soundtrack comes from up-and-coming L.A. metal band The Okai Sisters, who I have not.

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of running games ever, this one sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Escape from Age of Monsters is set to come out in April for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.