Catch-22 turns you into your own worst enemy

It turns out you don’t need millions of dollars and years of development time to create a really original, cool game. Catch-22 was created in 48 hours during Game Jam 2012, and it may be one of the most brilliant puzzle titles we’ve seen in a while.

The setup sounds convoluted, but it’s really pretty simple; players control one of two spheres orbiting a large planet. Just out of reach are a series of small white balls which you must snag by hopping into them. Once you collect all the white balls, control switches to the other sphere – and that’s when things get interesting.

At this point in the adventure your previous run becomes a ghost, and will continually orbit the planet jumping in the same spots you did originally. Now the new goal is not only to collect the white balls, but to avoid your previous run. Control continues switching back and forth until you eventually run into yourself and fail.

The game may sound complicated but in action it’s incredibly straightforward when you see it in action. The trick of the game is remembering what you did last time around and how you can continue to accomplish your goals while steering clear of yourself. As I said before, it’s a really simple idea that turns into a very complex game.


It’s also a beautiful title, with lots of warm colors and an inviting atmosphere. We’re also sincerely hoping that the music from the trailer makes it into the final game; it’s really beautiful and sets a great tone for the entire experience. Again, pretty impressive for a game that was created in the span of 2 days.

Catch-22 will be available next month for iOS and also on Facebook, and the best part is it’s free to play. Oh, and not only was the title created during Game Jam, it also won the national competition in the Netherlands, so that’s all the more reason to check it out. Furthermore, you can impress your friends with your indie cred by showing them this obscure puzzle game that was created in 48 hours in the Netherlands and pits you against yourself in a struggle to survive. That should turn some hipster heads.