Before Fallout, there was Wasteland. Wasteland was a role-playing game that was released for the PC in the late ’80s, and it’s still celebrated amongst industry veterans for being ahead of its time. Players frolicked through a sandbox-style world (but not for too long: radiation is murder on the hair), and made tough moral choices that actually had consequences. And now one of the original creators behind Wasteland and Fallout, Brian Fargo, hopes that he can fund development of Wasteland 2 via Kickstarter.

Fargo, who now heads inXile entertainment, has put together this pretty hilarious video explaining why Wasteland 2 is simply not going to happen via traditional means of game development:

So it’s all up to you, dear gamer.

According to Fargo, much of the original Wasteland team will be getting back together to work on Wasteland 2, if the Kickstarter proves successful. Fargo intends to make Wasteland 2 a turn-based, top-down role-playing game that’s party-based. In other words, you’ll be controlling a group of people instead of simply an individual. Said group can also be split up and placed on different spots of the map.

inXile entertainment hopes to raise at least $900,000 by April 17. Fargo says all the dough will go into development of the game, and nothing else.

If you contribute, brace yourself for an influx of cool prizes. Pledge $15 or more for a downloadable DRM-free copy of Wasteland 2. Donate $50 or more to receive the digital copy and a sweet, sexy boxed version of the game. Big spenders ($10,000) will get the opportunity to attend an exclusive party with the grateful Wasteland team–plus you’ll have a shrine erected in your honor! Your mom will be so proud.

Click here to visit the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter project. Go ahead and pledge to make the world a terrible, fallout-strewn place–because that’s exactly how we want it.

Project Name: Wasteland 2

Platform(s): PC

Funding Needed: $900,000

Funding Acquired (as of this writing): $853,611

Days Left: 33

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