There’s been a lot of buzz recently around Japanese publisher GREE as the company starts expanding its reach into the US. We’ve already covered how GREE is locking up partnerships with big-name publishers like Ubisoft and Gameloft, and today the company announced their first US-developed game, Zombie Jombie.

As you’ve likely already gleaned from the title, the game does feature zombies, but not in the way you’d expect. This time around the zombies are the good guys and players must use their zombie horde to protect the world from evil humans bent on its destruction. The card-based game will let players build up decks by finding in-game treasure chests, trading with friends, or fusing cards together to create more powerful zombies. This endless customization means that no two decks will ever be alike and should create a great deal of incentive to experiment with newly-discovered cards.

Another notable fact about Zombie Jombie is that it’s GREE’s first game created in the US for an American audience. Up until now GREE has focused on Eastern markets, dominating in China, Korea and Japan, but has never really tried to tap into the Western marketplace. The smart move they’ve made is using an American dev team who understands the marketplace, rather than trying to create something a thousand miles away in the hopes it would resonate with foreign gamers. You can see how well they’ve achieved their goal for yourself, Zombie Jombie is free to download and available right now.