Win a race to the ground in Foursaken Media’s upcoming Sky Gnomes

You can race on the ground in a plethora of endless titles on iOS, but in a unique twist, Sky Gnomes looks to be the first one to let you race to be the first to the ground.

The gnomes you control will literally be falling out of the sky, racing towards the ground as fast as they can. Along the way you can collect snowflakes that will earn you boosts and make you fall even faster. The speed and boosts are all dependent on the weather, and Sky Gnomes encompasses all seasons.

That is not the only aspect that makes Sky Gnomes stand out from the rest, as it also features asynchronous multiplayer. With that feature, you will be able to host tournaments and your friends can play their parts whenever they please. Tournaments can be played with up to 10 of your friends online, so the more the merrier.

Being asynchronous, that means you will race against recorded ghosts of races your friends have participated in. If you’re too good for your friends, you can take part in online leagues as well, where your skill level determines the medals you’ll earn for winning in your group.

You’ll also be able to customize your gnomes’ vehicles with new power ups, engine upgrades and other trinkets. The spare parts required for these upgrades can be acquired while you race.

Sky Gnomes won’t be out for at least a few weeks, but you can be informed exactly when it hits by following the game here on Gamezebo.