So, remember how we just told you about Playdek adapting Nightfall into an iOS game? Well it seems the company doesn’t plan to stop there, as they’ve also announced a new partnership with GMT Games that will see the Commands & Colors franchise making its way to mobile devices as well.

The first game to be born of the new alliance is Commands & Colors: Ancients, which puts players in charge of armies spanning the years of 3000 BC all the way up to 400 AD. The board game, which the mobile title will be adapted from, features 15 historical battles and places a premium on utilizing the terrain effectively and positioning units in a manner which is both advantageous and also makes sense in the chosen period. While fascinating and complex, the game is still straightforward enough that a match can be finished in roughly an hour, so it should work nicely when translated to mobile devices.

“GMT’s wargames series are phenomenally detailed and historically accurate. The games translate well into the digital realm and will make amazing mobile games,” said, Joel Goodman, CEO, Playdek. “We respect GMT’s great game design and are honored to bring these to life in a new format to reach all new audiences.”

The game should be arriving later this year, and if it does, maybe we’ll also see Playdek adapt Commands & Colors: Napoleonics for phones and tablets. Since it seems like no sooner do we publish a Playdek story than they announce something else, we invite you to sit tight, surely eight or nine more new games will be revealed today. 😉