Build and putt the course of your dreams in Mini Putt Park

On Facebook we’ve built cities, farms, frontiers, spaceports, fortresses and many other countless virtual worlds, but Majesco’s Mini Putt Park is looking to be the first to allow you to build your own miniature golf park, as well as play it yourself.

Sure, actually playing miniature golf can be fun, but it can also be extremely frustrating. But being able to build your own course for others (and then play it) is an activity that is sure to bypass all of the normal anger that comes with missing your shot more than a few times.

In Mini Putt Park, the course’s design inspiration is completely up to you. From what it sounds like, you’ll be able to either customize the park to look like the real one just down the block from you, or the one you’ve always dreamed about that is just an idea waiting to be constructed. The goal looks to be complete freedom when it comes to course creation.

Mini Putt Park

Mini Putt Park

While building the park to heart desires can be fun, actually playing it might bring even more joy. You’ll be able to play on Putter Island’s standard courses and defeat bosses to earn experience points, coins and other prizes and use them to upgrade your created courses. You can even share your custom courses with your Facebook friends so they can see what you’ve come up with.

It might not be a bad idea to start coming up with some course ideas pretty soon, as Majesco is looking to launch the open beta of the game starting in April. Follow the game here on Gamezebo to be notified of any game updates as they come in, or be left in the dust; it’s your choice.