Get Set Games gets set to launch the follow up to Mega Jump, Mega Run

The creators of the 2010 hit Mega Jump have just announced their follow-up title, the similarly-named Mega Run. The game will once again star the adorable monstrosity Redford, but that’s about the only similarity, as the new title will fundamentally change the dynamics of the franchise.

Mega Run

Whereas Mega Jump was an “endless” game with no clear goal beyond setting a personal best distance, Mega Run is a more structured affair. The game is spread over 3 worlds, each with 16 distinct stages, so this is a much more goal-oriented affair. Redford will automatically run across the stage and players will properly guide his actions, leading him to gems, coins and power-ups while also avoiding traps and enemies. It’s standard platformer fare, but there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics so long as they’re executed well.

One twist Mega Run will provide is non-linear levels, giving Redford the opportunity to explore several different paths through each stage. Players will have to revisit most levels at least a few times in order to find all the hidden secrets, and it looks like the folks at Get Set Games have strewn goodies so liberally throughout each stage that it won’t be hard to entice fans into replaying an area.

Mega Run

From what we’ve seen the game looks amazing, with cute, crisp visuals really pop. The early screens we’re seeing show an absolute explosion of color, along with highly-detailed environments that are absolutely teeming with life. The characters in Mega Run look like they’d fit right in on just about any Saturday morning cartoon, and we’re hoping they look just as good in action as they do on the promo screens.

One of our primary issues with Mega Jump was the sometimes punishing difficulty, so it will be interesting to see how Get Set handles that in this newest title. On the one hand, they may tone it down to make the game more welcoming to a larger audience – or they might leave it as is or even make the game harder in the name of creating something that will truly challenge the hardcore. Either approach has its merits, it’s just a matter of fine-tuning and making sure to strike the balance between fun and frustrating.

Mega Run

Even though we’re already eagerly anticipating Mega Run, it looks like we’re going to have to hold our horses for a while because it won’t be ready for at least a few more months. Even so, we’re excited to see Redford again and can’t wait to literally put him through his paces.