Build me a world of Ninjas!

How do you top your hit platformer game, Chop Chop Ninja? Well, if were a ninja, you would take it to the next level: combine an action platformer with a city building game, to create the first social freemium action platformer for iOS and Android platforms. That’s exactly what Gamerizon is planning to do with Chop Chop Ninja World, and they gave us a sneak peek last week at GDC.

In Chop Chop Ninja World the princess has once again been kidnapped and it’s your destiny to rescue her, but this time, you are not powerful enough to do it alone. The princess instructs you to create an army which you’ll fund by building a city. And then you can go out and save her (a practical one, is she)!

The action mode for Chop Chop Ninja World should look familiar to fans of the Chop Chop Ninja, but with some obvious new features and twists. Though the graphics and action in Chop Chop Ninja are good, it all looks better in the sequel. The game has been developed using an improved game and graphics engine.

There are new weapons, such as the slingshot where you drag your ninja back as a slingshot and fling him on your enemy. You can interact with objects in the game and turn them into weapons. In one instance, I was able to grab a bunch of stones, stack them atop of each other, and then throw them on an enemy.

There will also be some enemies you cannot defeat with the weapons and moves at hand, and this is where the city building really comes in. You must switch to city-building mode to create a city, build wealth, and conjure up weapons and potions by combining materials which you can then go back and use in action mode.

Chop Chop Ninja World

The city-building mechanism can best be described as a stacking game, similar to LEGOs. At launch, you will have at least 15 building blocks to stack together to create your own unique tower buildings, changing the look of the building on both the inside and outside.

Of course with this being a freemium social game, you’ll be able to earn or buy items to decorate your kingdoms and share with friends. But it is very unique in that it is more block stacking and less time management or simulation. Another way the game will be social is through quests that you can only defeat with the help of your friends. As an example, the developer told me of a planned 10,000 monster quest. It’ll be impossible for you to kill all 10,000 monsters by yourself, but with the help of your friends (and strangers), you can all do it together.

Chop Chop Ninja World

Other interesting tidbits: Gamerizon revealed that they are planning a TV show around Chop Chop Ninja and they will reveal hints and secrets in the cartoon that you can use to win in the game. The show will debut on the Canadian network Teletoon, and will air in more than 120 countries after that.

And you can choose among a male (Iro) and female (Sakura) ninja, which should have appeal to ninjas of all genders.

Chop Chop Ninja World is slated to come out Fall 2012. Be sure to follow the game and add to your wish list to be be first to know when the game is out!