Heroine’s Quest looks to blend adventure gaming and RPG’s

Developer Crystal Shard hopes to recapture the wonder of classic RPG adventure games with its upcoming Heroine’s Quest on PC. In the world of Northland, humanity bends at the will of nature, as cold and ice have swept across the lands. Wolves and trolls stalk survivors in the night, and trade caravans disappear before ever delivering their goods. The people of Northland are terrified and untrusting, just as willing to stab each other as they are to shake hands. The world needs a heroine, and you’re going to be it.

Heroine's Quest

Heroine’s Quest will allow you to choose from multiple player classes, each with different skills: warrior, sorceress or rogue. You’ll also be able to create your own unique class by combining the skills of different classes to fit your own play style. In terms of the battle system, we’re promised something familiar to the classic RPG and adventure games of years past, but are also assured that this won’t be a standard copy-and-paste job of any existing battle system.

Heroine’s Quest will offer several different solutions to in-game puzzles, altering the way the game turns out, which should offer some replayability to those who haven’t had enough. While there’s no official release date for Heroine’s Quest as of this writing, we do know that both Windows and Linux players will be able to jump into this adventure soon.

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