Drive like a boss with Motoheroz for iOS

Motoheroz” is probably a title that stands out in your head. There’s a reason for that: this stunt vehicle game was released for WiiWare last year. But Redlynx (the creators of DrawRace2 and Trials) has heavily re-designed the game for the iOS.

Slide to Play’s Chris Reed was allowed to go hands-on with a preview build of the game. He says that Motoheroz boasts “gorgeous” graphics that are compellingly cartoony and eye-catching. If you’re going to risk life and limb driving a stunt vehicle through jagged terrain, you may as well look as sharp as possible.

Motoheroz‘s gameplay is driven (so to speak) by 30 side-scrolling levels that can be tackled with six off-road machines. The levels span everywhere from desert to the frozen arctic, and even ventures onto an alien world, but each one is invariably set up with ramps, loops, bridges, and jumps for you to romp on.



You control your car by tilting left or right. Accelerating and braking are handled by on-screen buttons. The idea is to reach the end of each level as quickly as possible, but there’s some variance. A level might have you throw yourself off a ramp to remain airborne for as long as you can, whereas another level might set you on the awesome task of making a vertical climb by collecting jetpack power-ups.

Keeping in style with many current iOS games, Motoheroz will award you with one through three stars depending on your performance in a level. Sure, you can be fast, and sure, you can be stylish, but can you manage both at the same time?

Find out on March 15, when Motoheroz and Motoheroz HD are scheduled to hit the App Store.