ngmoco’s We Rule development team is getting ready to take you to Dreamtopia

When it comes to freemium social games, ngmoco has come a long way since We Rule. Don’t believe us? Just check out our previews for Skyfall and DragonCraft. But just because they’re busy blazing new trails doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about where their social success started. That’s why the team behind that classic kingdom builder is back, and this time they’re giving players the power to make dreams come true in Dreamtopia.


With characters that look like they’re straight out of ngmoco’s other comparatively vintage social hit GodFinger, players will create a dreamland in whatever fashion they like, with everything from ninja dojos to robot factories. It is a world of dreams, after all.

Players will also be in charge of making the wishes of the in-game characters a reality. Some may want to be astronauts. Others, superheroes. It’s up to you to decide whose wishes will come true, and you’ll make that happen with the different items you place in your world and other objectives you choose to meet.


Like most recent ngmoco releases, expect to see Dreamtopia debut on Android but make its way to the iOS App Store sometime shortly thereafter.