One Man Left returns, and they’ve brought a gorgeous multiplayer strategy game with them in Outwitters

Heads up, strategy fans! Outwitters, the upcoming game from Tilt to Live studio One Man Left, isn’t quite ready for prime time, but it’s already looking pretty good. The studio describes it as a “multiplayer strategy/board game” that will offer pass ‘n’ play action, unranked online pickup matches and, most important of all, ranked online league games. “The meat of the action is in the leagues, where a whole world of blood-thirsty strangers will be clawing their way to fortune and glory,” One Man Left says. “Mostly just glory.”


The game is built around asynchronous play, which means it’s turn-based multiplayer that’s push-enabled, not unlike Scramble With Friends or Hero Academy. Players will choose from one of three races – the robotic Feedback, the aquatic Scallywags and the ridiculously cute (yet vaguely creepy) Adorables – and take to hex-based battlefields with Heavies, Soldiers, Runners, Medics and Snipers, plus one unique unit type per team. Each race also has its own themed maps with animated backgrounds and unique music.

Leagues range from “Fluffy” all the way up to “Super-Titan” and will include 1v1 and 2v2 rankings, with new players given a few unranked “wildcard” matches to determine their starting point. Winning games will move you up the ranks and into higher, more competitive leagues, while losses will force you downward, possibly even into “the dark depths of the Fluffy League.” I get the feeling that most self-respecting Outwitters players won’t want to stay there any longer than they have to.


Visually the game is a stunner, with whimsical map themes and distinct, sharply-rendered visual styles for each of the three races. The development team has also been putting a lot of work into balancing the races, so that even though the Adorables may live in a “metropolis made of candy,” they’ll still be able to hold their own against the glowing-eyed murder machines of the Feedback. If the gameplay is as good as the graphics, Outwitters will be a winner for sure.

Outwitters is currently scheduled for a release this summer on iOS devices.