Who ever knew counting could be this much fun?

We’ve been getting a pretty neat first look at some brand new games this week, and one that has definitely caught our eye is Hundreds from Semi Secret Software. The company responsible for previous iOS hits like Canabalt and Wurdle are back again, and this time it’s with a puzzle game that has every intention of utterly melting your brain.

Hundreds is a game about math, but you don’t have to be an algebra whiz to play it. Each level features a specific number of circles, and holding your finger over a circle causes its value to increase. The goal is to get the numbers within all the circles to cumulatively equal 100, which is easier said than done.


The first speed bump along the way is the fact that no two circles can touch one another while you are touching them, so you’ll have to carefully time each move and only strike when you’re safe. Considering that many of the stages seem to have tightly-packed circles the game will require expert planning, and the margin for error will be razor-thin. The other trick is that there are non-numbered circles appearing on the board which you also can’t touch, making it all that much more difficult. Oh, and did I also mention that the circles move? Yeah, good luck.

If the game sounds ridiculously hard, then good, that’s what creator Adam Saltsman is going for. He recently told Touch Arcade that he doesn’t want everyone who downloads Hundreds to be able to finish it, but wishes to reward those players who stick it out and overcome every challenge the Semi Secret team throws at them. Just know going in that this one is going to be extremely tough.


Semi Secret isn’t even spoonfeeding players the game’s plot, which will be revealed through a series of cyphers and codes. Those wanting to know what’s going on will have to earn it, and the developers are hoping a community of codebreakers and narrative-translators form around Hundreds. We’ll see how devoted the community is, but as a general rule of thumb whenever you create a puzzle at least one person will be determined to crack it.

Right now the game is on track for a summer release on the iPad, but that’s as specific as we can be right now. We’re very intrigued by Hundreds, even though it’s likely we’ll never make it past the first handful of levels.