Flight Control shoots into space with Flight Control Rocket

Space. The final frontier–for mid-air collisions. Firemint is currently at work on another Flight Control-style game, but this one goes beyond the stratosphere. This is Flight Control Rocket.

The basic premise behind Flight Control Rocket is familiar. You’re in charge of safely directing the traffic that flows in and out of a busy spaceport. In other words, you’re responsible for the lives of countless men, women, and aliens, so don’t screw up. By tracing paths on the screen of your iOS device, you can guide color-coded ships in and out of their correct ports. All in a day’s work.

However, going by the game’s trailer, Flight Control Rocket does add a few gameplay twists that should shake things up like an earthquake on Planet Garblesnarp. There appears to be a heart system that allows you to make a mistake or two, so the game doesn’t end after one collision (“Sorry, boss. Hey, it’s my first day!”). On the flipside, there seems to be a lot more ships to direct, and a lot more flight patterns to memorize versusFlight Control.

Flight Control Rocket also appears to feature coin collecting, and, interestingly, a combo meter. The graphics are also considerably more detailed and colorful than previous entries in the series, and there are robots. Many, many robots. The ‘bots are on hand to cheer you, direct you, and nag you when the megadeath of innocent passengers is imminent.

Flight Control Rocket looks like more great fun from Firemint. Firemint promises that the game will be easy to learn, but hard to master. It also promises a great retro-style soundtrack. There’s no projected release date other than “soon,” but keep watching Gamezebo for updates.