Angry Birds Space gameplay makes its debut… IN SPACE!

Amateur ornithologists with a love for digital wings have been keeping a close eye on their calendars in eager anticipation of March 8th. Why, you ask? Because that’s the day Rovio had promised to give gamers a first glimpse of the first true sequel to Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space.

As of 10am today that first glimpse has been received, or more accurately, transmitted. All the way from the International Space Station. Astronaut Don Pettit took some time out of his busy day orbiting the Earth to spend a few minutes showing off how the physics gameplay of Angry Birds might be different when taken to space. It’s a cute video, but when you think about the strings Rovio must have had to pull to make this happen, it’s downright “astronomical.”

And while Pettit’s part in the video is cute (though he seems to have a cold – they don’t have zero-gravity DayQuil up there?) the real meat and potatoes starts at the 3 minute mark. That’s when you’ll be treated to your first real glimpse of gameplay from the upcoming Angry Birds Space.

From what we can gather from the gameplay video, Angry Birds Space really does break from the past, offering up a truly unique experience that we’re tempted to call a mash-up of Angry Birds and indie favorite Osmos. Players will shoot their birds, who will then be pulled in all sorts of directions by gravitational bodies as they careen past asteroids, moons, planets, and potentially more.

In the past we’ve learned that the birds will now have superpowers, too, so players will have that to look forward to as well.

Can’t wait to blast off into more Angry Birds fun? Angry Birds Space will be arriving on iOS, Android, PC and Mac on March 22nd.