Blast zombies, monsters, and each other in Tuff Tanks by Aeria Games

When you think of tanks, you probably think of crushing metal, explosions, and the smell of oil and death. Aeria Games hopes to give these dark war machines a better image with Tuff Tanks, a colorful and adorable-looking shooter game that’s currently being developed for iOS devices.

Tuff Tanks features multiple gameplay modes, including a solo battle against monsters, and extensive multiplayer options. The game takes place in a bright world that still managed to contract a zombie infestation. Players have to take care of the problem using big, big guns. You exchange fire with your enemies on various battlefields, and each shot takes up fuel, so you have to make every bullet count. Don’t fire ’til you see the yellows of their eyes, ladies and gentlemen.

You’re also able to gather and utilize special items in combat, and you can teleport around the game map to grab loot. There are multiple missions to complete, bosses to fight, and several items to collect.

Tuff Tanks

Tuff Tanks

Tuff Tanks

It all looks good, but Tuff Tanks’ multiplayer mode may well wind up being the game’s most compelling feature. Up to seven friends can team up to purge the world of its monster problem, meaning you can lead a personal army of sorts. Oh, the power.

Of course, zombie warfare can’t last forever, which is why Tuff Tanks includes online four-on-four multiplayer battles. You can even customize your tanks and your player avatar so that your enemies will forever fear the Tank Driver Who Wears the Silly Hat.

The tigers break free this spring, so keep an eye on Gamezebo for more news about Tuff Tanks.