The original castle defense series returns in StickWars 3

Hot off the heels of StickWars 2, developer PulsePlay is bringing you into the realm of the evil King Maelnik, where you’ll have to pull out all the stops in this second sequel to the original castle defense game StickWars.

If you thought King Otto was bad in StickWars 2, King Maelnik makes him look like a baby in comparison. Players will control King Maelnik as he takes his revenge on Otto, bringing in new and more powerful spells, new powers, and the Soul Pit. Details on the Soul Pit are scarce, but it seems to be some sort of necromantic technology.

StickWars 3

You’ll also have the use of King Maelnik’s undead army, which consists of mostly King Otto’s deceased men. You’ll have the use of zombie archers, and the powerful Reaper at your disposal, in order to take down King Otto and his forces.

King Otto will retaliate with new forces of his own however, in introducing the Diggers and flamethrower units in battle. This makes it sound like taking down Otto won’t be an easy task at all.

StickWars 3

The Wheel of Despair will also turn the tides, with a bit of luck. You can spin the wheel to conjure up treasures and power-ups, consisting of Infinite Mana, Demon Summons, Soul Harvesting, Demon Shields and more.

StickWars 3 will also support OpenFeint, so you can compare your leaderboards with your friends, and earn achievements to boost your overall score. When can you get in on the action? You’ll have to wait until the end of March, but it sounds like it will be worth the wait.