Zombinis, a social game that revolves around the collecting, trading, and assembly of zombie animals, will begin its (after)life as a 30-day exclusive for Google+.

When developer Eastside initially talked to InsideSocialGames about Zombinis back in July, the plan had been to launch the game on Facebook and Eastside’s own website, whereas Google+ was an afterthought. Plans change, however–not unlike zombie animals with detachable limbs.

“We are still actively working on launching Zombinis as a stand alone experience, but we felt that we first needed to work on some core mechanics in Zombinis to ensure our players were having a great experience,” Eastside co-founder Josh Nilson told InsideSocialGames. “We decided to extend our closed Beta and really work and improve the game, to focus more on community driven design. Rest assured a stand alone is still in the plan.”

So why Google+? Simply put, the social game market for Google’s platform is far smaller than Facebook’s, but working in a less-crowded space isn’t necessarily a bad idea. “For an indie studio this means you can get discoverability,” Nilson said. “We have had success on Facebook and also on the open web and see potential in G+. We want to be able to contribute to G+’s success, more platforms in the social space would be great for the game industry, both for developers and also for players.”

This marks the fourth game to offer up some kind of exclusivity via Google+. Others include Pirates: Tides of Fortune, Gangs of Boomtown, and The Godfather: Five Families.

[via InsideSocialGames]