Facebook App Best Casino provides a complete but fairly standard Vegas experience

There have been a great number of slots and bingo games making their way onto Facebook recently. Beyond that, online poker games have been common for years. Nevertheless, rare is the case in which all of them are combined–or at least that’s the hook that diwip is tossing out with its title Best Casino. Whether or not it actually is the best is subject to opinion, but if nothing else, it’s one of the most complete Casino games on Facebook. Offering standard rules, special events, and six primary games to play, Best Casino at least provides something for many different types of preferences.

Players that jump into Best Casino are presented with a chunk of starting change and six games to choose from, including poker, blackjack, Bingo, “social” slots, video slots, and roulette. For most games, players join in with other users. This means that everyone joins a room tailored to their play style or skill level (e.g. fast, beginner, etc.) and “sit” at a table with other users to play poker, blackjack, and roulette.

Best Casino

The social gameplay stretches into Bingo and social slots too. In Bingo, players buy one to four cards while the announcer calls out grid spaces to place daubs in. New users join each round, opting into rooms with varying card costs and higher payouts. Social slots is basically the same as regular video slots, except users play “side-by-side” with others and also have the option to chat or participate in upcoming slots tournaments.

None of the games are watered down, either. As players participate in the different activities, they’ll garner experience and level that will eventually unlock new slot machines, greater payout modes, and so on. That said, there is nothing that truly stands out stylistically or functionally with each individual game.

Thankfully, diwip does keep players coming back with over a dozen “events” that are going on at any given time. Best Casino hosts several boons and special occasions for each game that begin at specific times. With some games, they are “Challenges” such as being the first person to get a straight flush in poker, or busting a hand with a value greater than 30 in blackjack. With other games, it’s a bit more simplistic such as “Happy Hour” in roulette, or slots that boost user winnings by a small percentage. Both types of events are decent inclusions, but the challenges are often short lived due to the number of players sometimes involved. Basically, once someone achieves the criteria, the challenge is over and to paint a picture on how quick it can be, a slots challenge we participated in was over in about 30 seconds after it started.

Best Casino

Otherwise, diwip’s app has basics such as collectable items, but earning these extras–flags, drinks, masks, and other tacky paraphernalia–doesn’t feel all that special or gratifying. There are also leaderboards, but that’s a standard feature in any social game. The only other aspect that stands out in Best Casino at all is the hourly bonus users can activate to earn some more currency. These bonuses involve parlor games, like a coin dozer.

Best Casino doesn’t do anything terribly wrong, but aside from the noted events, it’s just not very interesting. It’s certainly a very complete casino game that offers a great deal of variety to its player base, but nothing really jumps out as truly unique or special. For what it is, the game is solid, but it’s a pretty standard experience.