Get ready for the first part of a gamebook trilogy with Askaryl’s Grimoire

Do you have what it takes to recover a powerful, long-lost book of magic in a world wracked by centuries of strife and war? In Askaryl’s Grimoire, the new gamebook from Blue Flame Publishing, you’ll have a chance to find out as you step into the boots of Edhan, a young barbarian on a mission to retrieve the stolen tome, avenge the death of your adoptive mother and change the world forever.

Askaryl's Grimoire

The first in a planned Hamnasya trilogy, Askaryl’s Grimoire will take place in the dark, war-torn world of Anarkom. A powerful book of magic, written 200 years ago and entrusted to the safekeeping of the Council of Great Wise Men, has been stolen by forces unknown. As Edhan, the adopted son of a Councilman, you will help recover the book and ultimately become caught up in an adventure that could change your life as you uncover the secrets of Hamnasya.

Gamebooks, for those unfamiliar with them, blend adventure and RPG elements into a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style of gameplay. Askaryl’s Grimoire will feature character creation and levels, a fully-illustrated world with a multi-song soundtrack, a combat system that employs weapons and magic, interactive maps, mini-games and more.

Askaryl's Grimoire

We haven’t seen Askaryl’s Grimoire in action yet, but the hand-painted artwork looks fantastic and what little we know of the story shows real promise, particularly for fans of the fantasy genre. Askaryl’s Grimoire is the first gamebook from Blue Flame, but it’s pulling out all the stops to make it a memorable one, with art by award-winning French illustrator David Revoy and an original soundtrack from Leaf Sound Design. With all that going for it, this is definitely a game worth keeping an eye on.