Eden Eternal is going mobile with the upcoming Eden Eternal: Monster Arena

We just found out that the popular MMORPG Eden Eternal is set to make its way to mobile later this spring in the brand new Eden Eternal: Monster Arena. Players will be able to hunt, capture and train their own monsters, then unleash the creatures in battle against their friends.

From what we’ve seen so far the game will feature real-time combat, with players tracking the monsters out in the field and then attacking with weapons and spells. Tilt controls are going to be a staple of the game, as players will need to turn and twist their device to get a creature in their sights, then tap the screen to fire their weapon. We’re also seeing some basic gesture controls for spell-slinging, as players will tap the screen to select their spell, then perform a specific, unique gesture in order to execute the command.

Eden Eternal: Monster Arena is also placing a heavy emphasis on player vs player (PvP) combat. Users will be able to select teams of monsters and take them online to pit them against other players’ line-ups. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot more detail on the PvP aspect of the game quite yet, but with it being such a focus of the title we’re expecting a fair amount of depth and complexity.

 Monster Arena  Monster Arena

The game is also set to take place in the same world as the original Eden Eternal, borrowing its big brother’s art style and some of the settings. That means longtime fans should feel right at home in the mobile entry, while newcomers will likely enjoy the anime-inspired art and visuals. Unless of course you hate things that are cute and Eastern, in which case you should by all means feel free to go back to whatever dark, gritty reboot you’re enjoying these days.

Right now Eden Eternal: Monster Arena is showing a good amount of promise, and could add a solid RPG on a platform which seems to be lacking in this genre. Good RPGs on the iPhone are scarce, and the idea of a team-based, PvP iPhone RPG is doubly rare. We just hope we don’t have to wait too much longer for this one to arrive.