Babel Rising fans, get ready to put the sandal on the other foot

The biblical story of the Tower of Babel is a pretty mean-spirited one. The survivors of the great flood all got together to help each other, started speaking the same language and set out to build a huge tower for everyone to live in and stay together. This didn’t please the almighty too much for some reason, and the people were scattered all over the place, breaking the peace and general good vibes the people had going. Or at least that’s my loose interpretation based on about 3 minutes of research.

BulkyPix has previously published the iOS game Babel Rising, where you play the role of God trying to prevent workers from building the tower. Now they’re releasing Babel Running, the exact opposite of Babel Rising.

Babel Running

Babel Running

Instead of playing the role of God, you’re playing as the worker trying to gather and deliver bricks while avoiding the wrath of God as all sorts of disgustingly dangerous things are rained down upon you. Spikes, stones, huge rocks, snakes, whatever it takes. If those aren’t enough, you’ll face tsunamis, lightning and burning meteor rain. Doesn’t much sound like a loving God to me, but maybe I just miss the whole part where building a tower is a bad thing.

If you’re familiar with Babel Rising, you’ll probably revel in this chance to put the shoe on the other foot. With no particular release date set, you’ll just have to follow the game right here on Gamezebo to be notified the moment it hits the App Store.