In some cool GDC week news, we’ve just learned that iSwifter is extending their cloud-based streaming platform to allow developers to bring PC game to iOS and Android devices. The company has been bringing Flash games to iOS since 2010, but have found a way to scale up their operation so that PC games can also make the jump with minimal fuss. iSwifter operates in a similar manner to OnLive and Gaikai, with the games running on iSwifter servers and players inputting commands on their device.

“What started as a specific pain point, i.e. streaming Flash applications to iOS has quickly mushroomed into a broad platform for multiple application types streaming to multiple mobile platforms,” says Rajat Gupta co-Founder of iSwifter. “We believe that it is virtually impossible to bring PC games to mobile as quickly as we can do it through our lowest cost streaming cloud service, and to provide a native-like user experience with automatic conversion of touch based user input into the applications’ original input formats.”

The company has already succeeded in bringing over major titles such as RuneScape via Flash, and though we don’t yet know what PC games will be making the leap to iOS iSwifter has promised that they’ve already inked a deal with a “large scale PC-based gaming partner.” We’ve already seen via a VentureBeat piece that iSwifter can run the original StarCraft on an iPad, so we’ll see what comes next. The lines originally dividing how we play games on various platforms are starting to blur, and it may not be long now until we’re doing all our gaming on the cloud.