Tap Paradise Cove is Civilization meets Lost

Pocket Gems is no stranger to being the first to bring popular games genres to the mobile platform, whether it be the first farm game (Tap Farm), shopping game (Tap Shop), or zoo game (their most popular hit, Tap Zoo) for the iPhone.

It is not surprising then, that they are about to innovate again, with their upcoming game Tap Paradise Cove.

We met with Pocket Gems in their spanking new offices in San Francisco yesterday to get a sneak peak. Described by Niels Hoven (Game Project Lead) and Rich Cooluris (Creative Director) as an exploration simulation game, Tap Paradise Cove can best be thought of what happens when you mix the game Civilization with the mysteries of the TV show Lost and slap it on your iOS device.

In Tap Paradise Cove, you are dropped on your own tropical island, where you must create and cultivate your own island civilization. You grow crops, build structures, earn money, and create and decorate your own up your own little world.

Here’s where the mystery comes in. The island (islands, actually, more on that in a moment) is shrouded by a cloud of fog. As you explore by embarking on quests, you discover the underlying mystery.

Tap Paradise Cove

The simulation and adventure pieces of the game are tightly woven together. To explore other islands, you must send out your ships, which you must create by building ships, which you can only do by earning currency, which is earned by growing crops, building structures, etc (you get the picture).

Sending out ships is one of the coolest features of the game, as they may return with different cargo and currencies, which unwraps yet more adventures and mysteries!

Tap Paradise Cove

At launch, Tap Paradise Coveis a single player game, but Pocket Gems plans to add a social and multi-player component to the game in the future.

Graphically, the game is beautifully, playing as well on an iPhone as the larger screen iPad. Pocket Gems has spent attention to details. For instance, your island baker is rendered in such daily that she appears that she is baking wood-oven pizzas.

Pocket Gems plans to release Tap Paradise Cove very soon and create the next hot genre of exploration simulation on the iPad and iPhone.