Your childhood lemonade stand won’t help you here

Owning a lemonade factory has long been a dream for many of America’s youth, if stereotypical lemonade stands mean anything. Developer Initials is planning to release an iOS game where the goal is just that. However, the name of the game seems to be somewhat misleading. There certainly is a lemonade factory, and it may very well be super, but this game looks to be about much more than a sweet and fruity drink.

If the title leads to you believe Super Lemonade Factory is some sort of tycoon or time management game, you’ll be quite surprised when you discover that it’s most definitely not. This two-dimensional platformer places you in the roles of Andre and his wife Liselot in post-World War II Indonesia. Andre’s father is willing to give his son his beloved lemonade factory. In order to get control of the factory Andre and Liselot need to travel through it, and that seems like it will be quite the challenge.

Initials are using solid platforming fundamentals and fun single player co-operative gameplay to help Super Lemonade Factory stand out from the rest. The game will give you full control of both Andre and Liselot and you will easily and often switch between them. They both have their own unique abilities, and you’re going to need to utilize all of them to get to the end of each of the game’s 72 stages.

Super Lemonade Factory

Super Lemonade Factory

Along with those pre-loaded stages, Super Lemonade Factory is also going to allow fans to make their own levels. The Super Lemonade Factory web site hosts a flash version of the game’s demo that also allows you to load and test your own custom levels. Initials have promised that the best user-submitted levels submitted to them will be added to the game in later updates.

Super Lemonade Factory will be available on the App Store on March 15.