Get ready to hunt for sweet, sweet runes this March

I remember it like it was yesterday. My friends and I would pack up all our weaponry, stir up all our hubris, and go stomping off on adventure after adventure. We’d loose our arrows and cast our spells on whatever stood in our way. We didn’t do it to catch the eye of the fair maidens, though many a lady’s company was enjoyed. We didn’t do it for the great feasts thrown in our honor, though many a flagon was hoisted to our thirsting gullets. No, friend, we did it all for the runes. Those sweet, majestic runes.

Rune Raiders Rune Raiders

If you’re like me and have rather fond memories of gallivanting around the land raiding for runes, then you’ll be excited to hear about the upcoming iOS game Rune Raiders. In this action strategy game you’ll utilize the skills of 12 unique fighters, whether they are archers, mages or other warriors, with a thirst for runes like no other. Each hero can be leveled up and geared-out to meet your needs as you advance through 15 different levels. The developers promise that the control scheme employed in Rune Raiders will feel very familiar to most iOS users allowing them to jump right into the action and start quenching the thirst for runes.

Though I can’t speak to how the game looks in motion, the art in the promotional screens looks pretty nice. Bright colors and exaggerated features on the characters give Rune Raiders a fun, whimsical style to accompany the humorous tone of the dialogue. GameCenter achievements and leaderboards are included to keep track of how adept your rune raiding skills are.

Rune Raiders starts its quest on March 15th for $1.99 for all your favorite iOS devices.