Loot lust goes social with Funzio’s Kingdom Age

Sometimes all a platform needs is a few good exclusives. That certainly seems to be the case for Google+. While the selection of games on the service may be miniscule when compared to the social offerings on Facebook (or even Kongregate for that matter), Google has managed to net a few great exclusives worth crowing about. They were the first platform to debut a social spin on Angry Birds, launched the Digital Chocolate powered Gangs of Boomtown last month, and now, along with the Google Chrome Web Store, are the only place you can play the latest game from Crime City and Modern War creator Funzio, Kingdom Age.

Unlike their previous games, which have employed a more modern and realistic setting, Kingdom Age takes players to a fantastical world of knights and dragons. Kingdom Age offers a turn-based twist on dungeon crawls, with players stepping into the role of either warrior, mage, or rogue. Players will go on quests, fight monsters, and gather loot. It’s a game with some pretty clear influences, and Funzio’s VP of Business Development Jamil Moledina makes no secret of this fact.

Earlier this week we spoke with Jamil about the impending release of Kingdom Age, who proudly boasted about the game drawing influences from the likes of Gauntlet, Diablo, and Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance. “Kingdom Age has more depth than the games we’ve put out, but it’s available depth,” Moledina told us. And after only a few minutes with the game, you begin to see what he means.

In addition to the dungeon crawling element, Kingdom Age features a neat kingdom-vs-kingdom strategy element to social play. Players will build up their own kingdoms and armies, complete with different buildings and military units, and then proceed to attack other players. Combining that with some basic dungeon crawling elements gives Kingdom Age a fair bit more meat on its bones than Funzio’s previous offerings.

Kingdom Age

Kingdom Age

But why debut exclusively on Google+ and the Google Chrome Web Store?

“We’re really big fans of Google+,” says Moledina. “The users are very game-centric … they monetize per player in a very competitive way to other social networks.” What more, Moledina points out that as a multiplatform company, it’s in Funzio’s best interests to support emerging platforms.

Still, while the game is debuting exclusively on Google+ and the Google Chrome Web Store, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of Kingdom Age spreading to additional platforms in the future. Click here to get started playing, and be sure to stay tuned to Gamezebo to read our complete review in the coming days.