Greetings, true believers! As a gamer, daring heroics are typically your business. And now it looks like you can share that fact with your friends, as Playdom’s superhero RPG Marvel: Avengers Alliance is now live on Facebook.

While the game hasn’t officially launched, the official Facebook fan page for Marvel: Avengers Alliance is teasing this as “early access to the game.” Gamezebo recently had a chance to go hands on with the game and shared our experiences in a hands-on preview – but to sum it up, fans of role playing games and superheroes alike need to play this game. Let’s just hope enough people jump on board to give it the player base it’ll need to survive. After all – Playdom has already proven they’re not above killing off a great Facebook RPG if no one’s playing it.

Can’t wait to join up with The Avengers? Click here to start your adventure!