Once again proving themselves to be the worst secret keepers in the worlds of technology and fun, Apple has just sent out the official invite for their March 7th press event in San Francisco. And if the image used for the invitation is to be believed, it looks like the rumors of an iPad 3 announcement in March were totally true.

While no specifics about the device have been confirmed, it seems pretty clear from the image below that the iPad 3 has a much sharper display than its predecessors. Does this mean we’re finally getting the Retina Display on the iPhone’s big brother? Let’s hope so – the lack of it was our biggest disappointment when the iPad 2 was revealed at a similar press conference last March.


The Retina Display is just one of a bunch of rumours that have been circulating about Apple’s next tablet device over the last few months, so it should be interesting to see what else Apple brings to the table.

The thing I’m most curious about? Whether or not Apple will surprise us with an iPhone 5 announcement as well. I’ve gone on the record multiple times over the last year with my prediction that Apple would begin syncing up their iPhone and iPad releases starting with the iPad 3/iPhone 5, and considering last fall’s underwhelming unveil of the iPhone 4S, I’m still thinking this might be the case.

Maybe I should use Crowdpark’s new social game AnteUp to start placing some bets on this oneā€¦ We’ll see if I’m right when the announcement gets underway next week.