Fight for the future in this first-person indie RPG

In the future, all shall be square. Or at least that’s the set-up for 3079, a first-person role-playing game that takes place in an open world. 3079‘s blocky characters and environments purposefully resemble another indie hit, Minecraft, and likewise includes randomly-generated buildings, items, and quests.


The plot for 3079 revolves around a warring world, and your quest to (hopefully) soothe the troubled region. You can work alongside either the human race or its rivals, the Neanders, in your journey to restore love and peace. But nice words and a few bars of “We Are The World” isn’t going to end this conflict, which is far more complex than it initially seems.

You can find unique items to help you mediate, including a large arsenal of paper-thin guns that are deadlier than they look. Don’t worry about finding targets to test your weapons on: the game’s randomly-generated environment should give you lots of content to work through.



“This game just hasn’t been done before,” says 3079‘s main developer, Jeremy Vight. “You may recognize some pieces of the game, like the ‘block’-like world, futuristic action, role-playing statistics and first-person perspective. However, no game has put all of these pieces (with some new pieces of its own) together, from the ground up, and run this good.”

Is your computer a relic from the stone age? Not a problem, Vight says. “3079 also is very optimized and compatible, so you will likely find it running very smoothly on a wide array of machines running different operating systems.” That includes PC, Mac, and Linux.

There’s no set release date for 3079, but Gamezebo will report on the game’s progress.