Fight off a zombie invasion in board game style with Operation Eradicate

If World War Z has taught us anything, it’s that when the zombies come, humanity’s struggle to survive is not going to be an easy one. Now, you’ll be able to get a preview of how tough that battle will be with Operation Eradicate, Skejo Studios’ upcoming zombie-fighting iOS board game.

The game has you controlling a team of up to four different characters (there are five of them to choose from) who work across the globe to fight off the undead hordes and launch counterstrikes. From the look of things, it seems almost like the game will combine elements of Risk and Pandemic, with a world map that you have to intelligently navigate in order to keep the zombie infection from spreading.

The game features original, hand-drawn artwork, which looks pretty dang impressive. But what’s really impressive is the fact that the game is going to have cooperative multiplayer that allows you to play turn-based matches with your friends through Apple’s Game Center. There are also three different difficulty levels, which will shake things up and keep the gameplay feeling fresh.

Operation Eradicate

Operation Eradicate will come to the App Store on Sunday, February 26th.